Stukenberg Novella Album Cover Art
Novella - CD & Digital Download
$12.99 — Released November 12, 2013
You remember those good times as a kid, sitting in a circle, listening to the adult read you a story. Well that's what Novella is! Only it's music and very much Appalachian-Rock (i.e. rocked out banjos and Americana/Folksiness) Plus, you're most likely all grown ups whether you act it or not is a different subject for you to discuss with your parents and/or significant other.
1. Prayer 37
2. Accomplice
3. All the Same
4. Brighter from Here
5. No Home
6. Eliza
7. Hero
8. He's the Night
9. So Am i
10. Beuland
11. Seasons
12. Siah's Instrumental
13. Failure