Stukenberg Mountain of Pieces Album Cover Art
Mountain of Pieces - Digital Download
$9.99 — Released August 12, 2008
Back to the beginning. This is Stükenberg's first release and man, is it delicious! If you haven't given it a listen yet, these tracks will blow your mind. How can pop/rock be this good? Answer: it utilizes Stükenberg's signature meaningful lyrics and doesn't take notes from Jonas Brothers, Hanson, or Maroon 5. Though, all three of those artists definitely make our top spins.
1. Don't Mind
2. Fights
3. Hide & Seek
4. I See
5. February 20th
6. Hypothesis
7. Half Empty
8. Senses
9. Starbuck Algeria
10. Mrs. Bakers Pew
11. Backslide
12. Otherwise